Monday, July 1, 2013

The House Of Your Dreams

A few nights ago I presented to a group of realtors from the Gold Coast Real Estate Investment Association.  My topic: iPad 101 For Realtors.

During the presentation I discussed the use of Google Drive for the storage, and accessibility, of all of their important documents.  Pages and Keynote were previewed so that the realtors were able to see that the preparation of documents and presentations can easily be completed on their iPads.  A couple of apps that allow you to fill in PDFs on the iPad were shown as ways to complete contracts and leases.  Social media was woven throughout the entire presentation.  Networking, as we know, is something that will lead to sales and that's what realtors want.

The highlight of the presentation was what I called a realtor's 'New Virtual Tour,' an iMovie Trailer that can easily be used to highlight all the ins and outs of a property.  Have a look for yourself:

I made the trailer completely on my iPad, using the video feature on my iPad, and a trailer format from iMovie.

The realtors really enjoyed the video and were clear about how powerful the iPad can be when it comes to selling property.

Based on the positive response, I may be doing a longer workshop in the fall for realtors.  Several have contacted me offline to get individual instruction as well.


  1. Well, I can see a whole new adventure opening up for you. iPads for ... training. Maybe you should consider franchises.

  2. Very cool idea. I bet it was a big hit. You probably made their heads swim with ideas.

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