Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Don't You Care!?

Why don't you care!?

You're a teacher.  A professional.  A leader.  A person responsible for the development of today's children.  So, why don't you care!

Let's not forget, I'm one of you too.  I may not have a class of my own, or have the responsibility of preparing for another round of testing.  I may not have to correct papers, attempt to contact parents who may never return my phone calls or answer my emails (if they even have an email address), or even have to prepare formal lesson plans.  

Yet, I do care!  And, I probably care too much!  

If I really didn't care, I wouldn't be writing to ask you why you don't care.  I'd just go about my day, answering personal phone calls in class, eating in front of my students whenever I felt like it, and I certainly wouldn't do anything to develop myself as a professional educator.


While you don't help those students who are falling through the cracks, or reteach concepts that your students totally bomb, or simply teach your students what they need to know in order to read, write, perform math, and understand the basics of science, you are, very clearly, showing that you don't care about the future of your students.

I hope that you change, and change soon.  I do hope that you persevere to make yourself a dynamic, well loved teacher. 

I also hope that you don't  find yourself alone, at the end of your career, decrepit, immobile, and at the mercy of someone pushing you around in a wheelchair.

If that's the case, you'd better hope that the person pushing you around isn't one of your former, not cared for students, who may decide to return the favor  and just push you into the wall!

After all, why should she care?


  1. Wow! Thanks for saying out loud what many of us think. The only sad part is that the very people you describe won't ever bother to read this (or anything else to improve themselves). David, I am thankful for what you contribute to helping kids learn and grow. Don't let them steal your joy!!

  2. I believe that the folks you speak of NEVER had passion. True passion can withstand bad days. Don't let their lack of passion dampen yours, allow it to strengthen it.